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  1. Hello, from Bristol TN

    Welcome aboard!
  2. Hello!

  3. Welcome! If you have any questions, just ask.
  4. Hello Fellow Troops

    Welcome! I talked to Brian and his wife on the way out. Very nice people.
  5. Hello!

  6. Greetings!!

  7. Hello

    Welcome! You should sign up on Imperial Officers Corps (IOC) and Armored Cavalry forums for additional help as well. IOC has good resources for the soft parts while Armored Cav is good for the chest armor and helmet.
  8. Hello Midsouth Garrison!

    Welcome! A couple of troopers will be at the Game Stop in Antioch (across from Wal-Mart on Hamilton Church Pike) on Wednesday if you want to stop by there and say hi. We'll be in a few different places in a couple of weeks on 5/14-5/15 as well. You can probably get some good help on spec ops forum and maybe the biker scout forum (same build, different color) as well as here. I don't think we have any active Shadow Scouts(that I've seen). Our fearless leader is a Shadow Trooper.
  9. Working toward TK # from Mt. Juliet

    Welcome to the MSG!
  10. Hello from Houston! (Visiting Member)

    Welcome! There's a Star Wars day at Knoxville Zoo next Saturday (3/19).
  11. Hello!

  12. Hiya from Nashville!