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    New to the forum here. I have been a Star Wars fan and I was born on the day A New Hope was released. :smiley-sw013: I am a regular attendee of Dragon*Con and really enjoyed talking to some of the 501st down there this year. I love to help people and really look forward to the charitable work that you all do.
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  1. Excited for my first build

  2. Hi from Knoxville, TN

    Hey newbie here also in Knoxville. I am working on my TK kit right now. I hope to meet some Knoxville folks soon myself. I was at FanBoy also and had a great time talking to the 501st folks there.
  3. Hello from Knoxville

    Thanks guys. Yes I am building an Anovos TK kit. I am super excited. I am considering buying the Trooper Bay Centurion Stormtrooper Accuracy kit to help complete it at best level I can.
  4. Hello from Knoxville

    I have posted here a long time ago when I was in the process of looking for a kit. I now have a brand new kit here at the house and I cant wait to start my build. I met several of you guys at FanBoy Expo in Knoxville this weekend. I was in a Deadpool costume. Thanks for being so nice to me and friendly. I hope to start my build soon. Any tips and hints are greatly appreciated. Chad Riggs
  5. meet ups

    Awesome thanks
  6. meet ups

    Are there ever meet ups for Knoxville area members? I am new and really wanting to participate. I am soon to be ordering my first kit. I would love to meet some of the local members and maybe get some advice and take a look at their gear. Thanks in advance.
  7. New guy from Knoxville

    Anybody local willing to let me check out your gear? I am in the process of deciding who to buy from. I would like to see and assembled set up close. Thanks much for your help. I look forward to volunteering
  8. New guy from Knoxville

    could you possibly show me your kit sometime and go over with me some details to look for and stuff like that? I live in the Halls area.
  9. New guy from Knoxville

    Cool. Do you have a completed armor set or are you in process?
  10. New guy from Knoxville

    you bet. Thanks so much for your help.
  11. New guy from Knoxville

    Hey everyone. My name is Chad. I live in Knoxville. I have been a fan of Star Wars since I was a kid like many of you. I have seen the 501st and all of the good work you guys do. I have seen several members during my trips to Dragon*Con. I have decided that I really want to be a part of this. I love the charity work that the 501st does and would love to use one of my favorite things to help others. Right now I am in the process of locating the best vendor for a kit and hoping one of you locally would help me put it together. Maybe let me see your kit and give me some advice. Thanks in advance for your help,