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  1. Etown KY, standing by...

    So back in Nov I hit up Rob at RT-Mod about armor. Waiting list and all, I was slated for late fall this year. Till about a month ago when Rob sent out an email about sand quality armor. I threw my name in an my armor is slated for delivery next Friday! Stoked! I have a T-21 build thread started over on FSID, where I will most likely post a full build thread. I will post links once B3 Day arrives!
  2. Currently live in Elizabethtown, KY. I've known about the 501st for a few years but have finally reached a point in my life where I can dedicate time. Looking forward to suiting up and joining everyone on a troop. My first build will be a Sandtrooper, MEPD approved moving directly to SWAT. The decision to finally get the ball rolling and get my 'sandy' on has spured several projects. Firstly, I will be building a bit of a workshop in my basement. Not only will this be my armory, but I plan on hosting some armor parties. It also means I have to frame out part of my basement and build a cabinet for the master bath, per wife's instruction and specifications. So it should be a productive winter, and I'm going to attempt to document the entire journey. Mike