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    Thank you!
  2. Access Help

    Hi, I am unable to log in to the Imperial Officer Corps, and I can't find a contact over there. It says I have an account but it won't accept login. Same username (Ihala) and email (creationstudio@charter.net) as here. I signed up some time ago so it seems to have gone inactive. Who can I contact or can someone pass this along please?
  3. Greetings from Columbia TN

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! Loki, we were already meeting folks at Spring Hill or we would have dropped by had no idea anyone was in Columbia, knew Franklin had a couple of folks. Well...I'm about a foot too short for Captain Phasma (that's still tempting but I would look like Lego Darth Vader) I need to see the movie again, there seem to be generic FO female officers but I didn't get a good look at the costume.
  4. Hello to all My name is Susan Rasbury-D'Apolito, I live in Columbia Tennessee. I am currently a proud member of the Mandalorian Mercs #1112. I've known about the 501st for quite some time, but with the new movie coming, my fan-girl has kicked into overdrive and I am ready to try for an approveable 501st costume. I haven't decided what to go for (first). Big fan of the Bounty hunters (I have already signed up for the BH board) so perhaps a Zam or Boushh is in my future. I have also thought about Ysanne Isard (I even have the red suiting fabric and the the wig for her, but I can't wear contact lenses), And, there may be something in TFA that I completely fall in love with, so ?? The female Mandos that would fall under 501st ie Rav Balor would seem like a no brainer, however...I'm kind of in the mood for something totally new. In the mean time, I just want to read up on different costumes, and see which character might suit me best