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    Long time costumer, RPF member and all around artist. Awaiting arrival of my Anovos TK KIt and working on several props to go with
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  1. Hallo from the Ville!

    Hey Big Ben Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I work for kindred healthcare at the corner of fourth and Broadway One of the other members let me know about the troop in Npew Albany I was really hoping to make it but my daughter has her 16th birthday on January 1 and I am hosting a huge party for a bunch of teenage girls that probably won't break up until afternoon on the second so unfortunately I'll have to pass on this one but I am looking forward to meeting and greeting with all of the guys in the Louisville and surrounding area hope to meet up with you at an event soon take care bro vinman
  2. Hello From Louisville!

    Hey Are you with the Louisville Ghostbusters Guys?
  3. Hello from Louisville, Kentucky

    Found my way here!
  4. Hello From Louisville

    Welcome just joined myself Doing a Heavy Weapons Trooper!
  5. Hello from Lousiville KY

    Welcome Just joined myself!
  6. Hello! From Murray, KY

    Welcome I just joined myself!
  7. hi i am looking to join

    Welcome I just registered myself!
  8. Hello from Louisville!

    Welcome Hope to see you trooping in the near future!
  9. Hey there Happy to join the ranks in the near future. Like many others signing up I'm eagerly awaiting the brown boxes on my front door from Anovos. I've been doing a lot of prep work while waiting. Almost finished my E-11 and a HWT pack. Just ordered the Funtasma trooper boots. Prolly gonna scratch build a DLT soon. Scratch that, have one on order from Hyperfirm! Should ship next week! Still need to order a pauldron and some ammo pouches I Work as a designer for A large healthcare company in Louisville. I've been an avid costumer and prop builder for more than 30 years...yes I'm that old. we used to build em' outta burlap and stone back then...in a galaxy far far away. Two teen age kids. and an awesome wife. Second time around is a charm I'm a of the Replica Prop Forum and the Hunters Lair forum. I've studied martial arts for over ten years. First degree black belt and counting. Love all the cons. Volunteer for Fandomfest and Wizard world Con in Celebrity hospitality. Always working on multiple builds at the same time Most I sell to pay for my kids expensive tuition. Nice to meet ya'll Vinman