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  1. Introduction

    So do you already have a Vader suit? I'm currently building one so Id be more than happy to help you with any questions you may have!
  2. Ello from Memphis!

    Welcome to the forums! Is your picture of you in Chase's gear?
  3. Welcome! Be on the look out for an event coming up on June 17th in Smyrna! I'm not exactly sure how many of us will be there but I know myself and another Memphis area trooper will be carpooling up! Hope to see you there!
  4. Hello!

    Dont worry man, just take the costume one piece at a time. Trust me, it wont be long before that overwhelming feeling turns into a feeling of accomplishment! I was in your boat just a few short months ago and now I am an approved member. I had built Halloween costumes but nothing to this degree. Its a challenge, but like everything else that takes hard work to get, it will be worth every moment of work and every penny spent when you walk out of the changing room for the first time at your first event! Everyone will want pictures with you and will be smiling or laughing all because you decided to build an awesome costume! If you start trooping in the Memphis area, look out for a snow commander because I will most likely be there! Looking forward to seeing your progress!
  5. Hello!

    What he said ^^ Its another forum similar to this one. It holds pretty much all the 501st approved sith costumes. People on there create build threads and discussion threads. Its an active forum so there should be a lot of help there for you!
  6. Hello!

    You can also check out the sith lord forums if you haven't already! There are some awesome Kylo builds in there!
  7. Greetings!!

    Quite a few good troops are up and coming in Memphis and the surrounding areas!
  8. Greetings from Lexington!

    If you're in Lexington TN. Then I live about 30 minutes west of you! There's another guy in here working on a kylo, might could get in touch with him for pointers or anything, I'm sure he'd be willing to help if you needed it! I'm working on a snow commander right now, but I am still a new guy too! Welcome!
  9. Whats up from West TN?

    Thanks guys!
  10. New from Southaven/Memphis

    no problem man! You should come on out, Ill be there! It will be my first time going to an event. I don't have a costume yet so I wont be dressed up but I hope to meet some members and see some awesome costumes in person for the first time!
  11. New from Southaven/Memphis

    Welcome from a fellow noob! Ever been up to Jackson Tn? I live just North of it!
  12. Whats up from West TN?

    That's good news! I was kinda getting worried that this area wasn't going to be all that busy with events. Are the other threads near the main one with the calendar in it?
  13. Whats up from West TN?

    Yessir! if all goes planned Ill be there. Do you know if I need to sign up on the event thread for it or should I just show up and find you guys since I'm not a member yet?
  14. Whats up from West TN?

    Thanks guys! I found the event thread with the calendar attached, and I saw that most of the events in 2016 are in the early months of the year. Is that because there is just not that many events planned this year or do events just typically get planned a month or so in advance? Oh yes. I have been doing a bunch of research. I think I have decided on the scout trooper though. Don't hold me to it but that's what it is looking like so far. I wanted to go for the First order Tie or snowie because I really like the helmet designs for them better than the OT counterparts, but after some research, it doesn't look like they will be 501st ready for a pretty good while.
  15. Whats up from West TN?

    Hey everyone, I am Alex Morris. I am wanting to join the 501st and build my own costume, which has yet to be determined. I am in the blizzard force forums, biker scout forums, and currently waiting on my registering request to be approved for the jolly rodger squadron. I have never built an accurate costume to get any kind of approval but I have built, what I call, my "everyday Darth Malgus" costume. I didn't go for accuracy just the general look and feel of the character as it was my first build. (pics below) I live in a little town called Medina, TN. Just north of a bigger city called Jackson. I was referred to this forum by Edwin the GML. I would like to be a part of this discussion board because one day I will have my costume built and ready to troop, and I want to be aware of the events taking place in this Garrison`s area. I was informed of an event taking place in Jackson, the city just south of me, on January 30 and 31st I believe and I would love to sign up and come out to meet some of you!