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  1. Greetings from the Tri-Cities!

    Matt, Believe it or not, you are actually surrounded by lots of fellow 501st, RL, Mando Mercs, and R2 builders in your area! I live in Elizabethton TN (TK22710) We have probably 20 or so members within the Tri Cities. Also several in the Ashville NC area as well as SW Virginia. We have armor parties as often as we can and with safety in mind due to covid. We usually keep them small and lots of distancing, but still great to get together and build. There are also two others that I know of who live in Jonesborough who are currently working on shadow troopers. We all have a private Facebook group for everyone in our area its called "Plastic Spacemen" (yeah very original) Anyway I HIGHLY recommend you request to join this!!! Talk to ya soon,
  2. Anybody in the Tri-Cities

    What costume were you thinking about? Pretty much whatever it is, we have folks here who can help. If it's a TK or Jawa I can help. Sent from my LM-V450 using Tapatalk
  3. Anybody in the Tri-Cities

    Hey!!!! Ok you are in luck!! The Tricities area is really growing!! We have probably 20 within JC, Kingsport, Bristol, Elizabethton. We also have a private FB group just for folks in our area. Look for a group called Plastic Spacemen on FB and request to join. Lots of armor parties, and tons of 501st events right here in our back door!! Sent from my LM-V450 using Tapatalk
  4. Looking to serve the 501st

    Hey James, Welcome!! TK is always a great costume and not that difficult to build. My advice would be to join the whitearmor.net page and read read read!!! Same for any character you are thinking about. Ask lots of questions, and do lots of research before starting a build. We are all here to help. Good luck!! Phil Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
  5. Hello from Tri-cities!

    Johnson City TN TK here! If I can be of any help, just let me know Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
  6. New New hello from Knoxville

    There is a Last Jedi Movie premier event taking place in bristol TN. You should PM me and I can give you details. Get that armor done! We would love to have u! Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
  7. Hi from Knoxville, TN

    Kingsport!!! Awesome! I am a 501st TK who lives in Gray!! Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  8. Hello from Knoxville

    Hey man that's great! I was there this weekend and might have talked to you. So cool to hear that you are starting a build. You will have a blast doing it. Are you building a TK? If so, let me know if you have any questions. I live in johnson city. I am happy to give any advice you may need. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  9. Hello from Pound, VA!

    Welcome! I live on the Tri-Cities (johnson city) If you have any questions feel free to ask. I'm happy to help any way I can! Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  10. Hello from Knoxville!

    It was great meeting you at the zoo! I wish you the very best of luck with your build. I live in Johnson city TN so not for from you. If you have NY questions feel free to ask. That's why we are here! Phil
  11. New from Knoxville

    So cool! I was at the knoxville zoo that day and pretty sure I remember talking to you! I would go with a stormtrooper. They are very recognizable to kids and families, and they are alot of fun to build and wear. I would look into AM 2.0 armor or ATA. Mine is AM and is very solid! You will not be disappointed! Best of luck. If you have any questions feel free to pm.me or post on here. I will be happy to help you any way I can. I live in Johnson city TN so not far from knoxville. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  12. Inspiring member from Clarksville, TN

    I'm in Johnson city tn! Welcome!!! If you have any questions feel free to ask!!! Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  13. Requesting access

    TK 22710 Carolina Garrison here requesting access.
  14. Hey man! There are several events in the trip cities area this month. I am doing all of them and would love to have more troopers with me. Dec 1 George Washington elementary school in kingsport tn from 5-8 it's their science and technology night. they have asked for 501st members to come and talk about what we do etc. and do pics with the kids. r2 will be there as well as a few carol8na Garrison and Tyranus Garrison Members. Dec 3 jonesbourough senior center. 2:00-4 :00a childs birthday party. (Actually a friend of mines son. they want characters there) Friday Dec 15 at the marquee 12 cinema at the pinnacle in Bristol TN big rouge one movie premiere troop! 5:30- 8 or 9 Big fun at that one! Feel free to email me if you want to join us at any of these events Phil.ledford@gmail.com Hope you can make it! Phil Ledford Carolina Garrison TK 22710
  15. Hello from Kingsport, Tn

    Hey Sammy! What area do you live in? There are several events coming up in December in our area and would be very happy to have you join us. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk