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  1. Hiya from Nashville!

    Because it was easy, I got a white trash can from Big Lots today. Not the most professional way to make armor but being on a budget it will work. Next is a heat gun to mold it a little better than it already is.
  2. Hiya from Nashville!

    Thanks everybody! Yes, I am looking to make armor from not foam and since I only have things I can reclaim I have been looking around. I have read that I could cut parts out of a wal mart trash can, and found similar plastic trash cans at dollar general, cheaper and closer to me, also made from the white plastic. When I moved from Texas I lost most of my materials and tools, are there any get together that I can attend, or meet up with people who make things in a kind of maker fair style thing? What kind of materials should I look out for? Also, I think this needs a new thread, not this introduction thread. I'll be reading, thanks again, guys!
  3. Hiya from Nashville!

    Hi guys! I just registered and wanted to introduce myself. I'm Nathan, just moved back to Nashville from living in El Paso for a long while, I was born here. I saw the original Star Wars movies in the 1970's as a small child and have been a fan ever since. Since leaving Nashville, I joined and ETS'd from the Army, joined and ETS'd from a marriage, as well, haha. By trade I am a computer network technician and hardware guy. I have been called Maker by people around the internet and humbly accept the title when it comes up I got into prop making when I got into 3D printing. It was a whole new world for me of making, modding and generally having things do something interesting that they were never intended to able to do before. I never dreamed a coffee can could become parts, or that things that were tossed out could be given new life as something totally else, either functionally or cosmetically until I started this! I ran a hobby group using my 3D printer called Dusty Plastics, but that didn't work out with one of the other people involved, so it stopped. I am learning about foam prop making now (3D printer is broken, pending repair) and foam, Nerf blasters and repurposing is what I have to work with now. I just moved here a few months ago, and took a part time job at a gas station where I met two of the troops getting gas after leaving an event just down the road from me. The paper dispenser jammed (this is totally the FORCE at work-- what are the odds!!) and one came to the window asking for his receipt wearing a Stay On Target shirt and 501st BDE hat, I recognized it immediately! I was a goofball at that point. He and I talked just a few minutes and his friend came out, said (paraphrasing), What's this I hear about a trooper with NO ARMOR??? They had to get on their way, so they didn't stay long, but they told me of the forum and website, and gave me a sticker, now on my car! I'd like to make my own armor, not purchase it, if I can figure it all out and try to become a contributing member. Thanks for reading this kind of long winded introduction, hope to see you all around! Nathan