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  1. Hello!

    What's up Dennis? If you have any Kylo related questions, you can PM me or consult my thread in the Sith Lord Detachment Forums. Always happy to help! http://forum.501stsithlords.com/index.php?act=idx Just sign up here and make a intro like you did here. Lots of knowledge over there!
  2. Hello from Brandenburg, KY

    Thanks all. Excited for this experience!
  3. Hello from Brandenburg, KY

    I have seen Ben on the SLD Forum as rdhawk, and he has actually given me constructive feedback on my WIP forum.
  4. Hello from Brandenburg, KY

    Plan on getting active from day 1 (of year 18) thanks!
  5. My name is Caleb Flaherty, I am not affiliated with any costuming group (yet!), I live in Brandenburg, I learned about the 501st just browsing the web several years ago, I would like to join the discussion board because I am looking to obtain information on the 501st before I submit for application. I am currently 17 and would like to be able to join as soon as I turn 18. I am in the progress of making a Kylo Ren costume, and I have been very active on the Sith Lord Detachment forum as well as the Knights of Ren Facebook page over the last month and a half. My costume is currently sitting around 30% complete, but I have a plan of attack. Shout-out to my old Science teacher Mr. Carman (aka KYRaptor on the forum) for helping point me in the right direction as well as Robbie from the Midsouth Facebook page. I turn 18 on October first for anyone wondering, and I feel it gives me a wide-enough window to get a good costume completed, but it is narrow enough to keep me on focus. Any advice would be 100% appreciated and I hope to get in the legion and meet you fine folks!