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  1. Greetings from Columbia TN

    Greeting Susan and welcome to the madness!
  2. Potential Clone

    Sad thing is that they looked better afterwards.
  3. The board is cluttered and hurts my eyes

    I don't see the template available. Only the Light one is listed.
  4. The board is cluttered and hurts my eyes

    I second that! Can we change it to a darker background?
  5. New girl from martin

    On other forums I think it's called "leg humpers"
  6. New girl from martin

    Feed Loki some beer, hand him a dremel and stand back!
  7. New girl from martin

    Welcome Katie! You are close to my section of the world. Which suit did he give you?
  8. Newbie from Smyrna

    Remember, no matter what you sculpt, you won't own the rights, LFL does, and can shut you down anytime they want.
  9. Greetings from Memphis

    SHOW US!! I wanna see!
  10. Hello from Jackson, TN

    Ya want chocolate chip or peanut butter?
  11. Greetings from Memphis

    Greetings Jason! Come catch up with us at Wolfchase on Saturday. We'd love to meet ya!
  12. Where's all the White women at!

    Quick! Give him some Colt 45!