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  1. Former 2/17 Kiowa maintainer, now Blackhawk pilot coming down for a short visit (Feb 22-Mar 2), just a little a training exercise. Tried to scan the event calendar to see if there was anything I could pop in on to help out with, but didn't see anything in the timeframe. If any local 101st 501sters want to hang out at Pancho's or The Black Horse (or whatever's good these days, I'm sure a lot has changes since 2005...) at some point, let me know! Or if anyone is headed to up Fort Drum in the near future- we need more troops!
  2. Returning to Fort Campbell

    I forgot to check in before I headed down to dunker last month. Cool facility though! Night Stalkers were having a big BBQ for their birthday, looked like a good time. Headed to Europe in a few months (unless the Trump/Putin partnership changes that), but I'm sure it's not the last time I'll be at Campbell. I actually popped in today to see how that SHARP event panned out, looks like the thread is gone though... Also, that Korean chicken place outside gate 4 is the bomb!
  3. Returning to Fort Campbell

    With the ease of picking up an Anovos kit these days, it won't surprise me to see an increase of decent TK spottings who aren't affiliated with the 501st.
  4. Returning to Fort Campbell

    And if anyone has seen all the memes lately, I don't know who the TK was that was arrested by the MPS on Fort Drum... but one less