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  1. Can you contact me here or on facebook.... 


    Have several new squad members who would like to have MSG membership certificates made...

    The PDF is of my phone... sorry

    Thank you in advance.


  2. Hello to my long lost kin folk

    Welcome Jamey! Jim's a great guy, as are all the guys in that area. They will guide you well, and make that dream (that we all shared as kids -and still share) a reality.
  3. Yeah, I'm back.

    Holy crap, I opened a thread to the past!!!
  4. E-mail address update

    Sammy, you should be able to check it on your 501st profile. Log into the 501st forums. On the left-hand side, click "membership DB", then click "your profile data", and then update any info needed. I think Ed will then approve any changes you make.
  5. Dune Sea Garrison Transfer

    Welcome Cindy! Florence is a great place - hopefully you can make it to an event sometime.
  6. Long time out in the Cold

    Hey Mark!! Glad to see you are doing well.
  7. Greetings from Cleveland, TN

    Welcome Nathan. You have a good group of folks that can help you out (now and when the time comes) in Chattanooga. Feel free to reach out to them. Do as much research as you can - what costume are you thinking of doing?
  8. View New Content?

    Thanks Greg, I'll give that a try.
  9. View New Content?

    I've had issues with the "New Content" button for over 2 years now. Chris tried everything to try and fix it, and it still doesn't work for me. I've simply learned to deal with it.
  10. Hi from Australia

    Great to meet you guys!
  11. Noob From Nashville (Area)

    LMAO, well, there you go, what can I say?!
  12. Greetings From Smyrna

    I grew up in Smyrna, but don't hold that against the city, lol. Welcome to the madness, and post up as your build moves along. Jody Merideth (Board name: Tooter) makes a great E-11 holster. Send him a PM, and he can help you out. He made one for my E-11 Hyperfirm, and it rocks.
  13. Noob From Nashville (Area)

    Hey James, I managed to miss your post, lol. Glad you are here!!
  14. Transferred Tk

    Welcome Craig! Make sure to fill out your 2014 Census when you have a chance! PM me if you need instructions.