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  1. Welcome Dan and AWESOME Bossk!
  2. That is a fact! I have had it happen several times! Welcome Keith!
  3. Salutations

    Welcome Tom!
  4. Introductions

    Welcome Jason!
  5. Greetings from Alabama!

    Hey Hawg, good to see you here. The Promo deal was a lot fun. Looking forward to the real deal come June!
  6. Hey everyone, I'm Dan Baker down in Chattanooga. I'm a member of the R2 Builders Club, and my R2 has been trooping for almost two years. I troop with the newly-minted Mos Nooga Squad, and the range of events and personalities makes this whole group a very cool bunch to hang with. I'll be hanging around here, and although I haven't met many of you personally, I look forward to all of our future events. I know Chris Lee from the R2BC, and he's got great droid. My droid is pretty well the opposite end of the spectrum from Chris's: mostly wood, styrene, resin, scratch-built, and under $2000. He's well-weathered, and I have a TON of fun taking him out. Here's a pic at the Star Wars in Concert event in Atlanta on Nov 3rd. I'll be at the concert in Nashville in December too. He's about 90% done, with the finishing touches being a few small details, dome lights, and dome panel work. I did a lot of work before Dragon*Con this year, and right now he looks 100% done (except dome lights) to the normal non-builder. It's been a lot of work, but every bit of it was worth it. This little droid's gonna cause me a lot of trouble!
  7. What a warm reception! Thanks for the comments, and I look forward to meeting and trooping with more and more of you. If anyone is going to the Star Wars Concert in December, I'll see you there! (and Kerys, thanks for reminding me. My comp is back up now- I'll get you my pix. )
  8. Howdy from AL Garrison

    Hey Clark, welcome!
  9. Glenn is right, it is a sickness. I am also building a regular episode III grunt.... Probably just a regular trooper for now...but I will see, I have something up my sleeve, just need to see if it works out.
  10. Hey Les, it was great to see you today at the event. You did a great job taking pictures and helping out. Thanks! Hopefully you can post a link to the pictures you today.
  11. Looking to be a new member.

    Hey Rod, welcome! From what I have heard, I think the new FX kit (that Skip mentioned above) will come with a helmet, but I am not 100% sure. You can look at purchasing an MR helmet if you want to, or wait and see if you like the FX helmet.
  12. Yes sir, it is. I hope the build goes fairly smooth...
  13. I love my clone armor, and the more I wear it, I tweak things here and there that make even better. Speaking of clone armor, there as a box that arrived at my house and this was in it....
  14. I have a sandtrooper I troop in from time to time. This is me and my new Dewback....
  15. Jim, welcome to the MSG. I can't wait to see all these clones that have joint recently at an event with all the other clones in the garrison. That would make a cool pic!
  16. Wanting to be a new member

    Todd, welcome! Skip is right, Vader is a tough (and expensive) costume to do. It might be better to try another costume first (maybe a stormtrooper), then if you like trooping you might decide to take the dive into the deep end of the pool and build a Vader. You can also register on the Sith Lord detachment here and become familiar with "all things Vader". We have an event Saturday afternoon from 12-6 pm at Toys R Us in Franklin if you want to stop by and introduce yourself.
  17. Here you go.... Now we just need an event to fit all the clones in this picture. Anyone up for an MSG Clone Detachment???
  18. Welcome Luke! Luke's approval was easy, and when you see his Command Deviss you will understand why. Great job and you have some good guys guiding you along the way.
  19. Finally a member

    Raychel and Summer at the Predator's Sci Fi Night last year. And of course I had to post this pic....
  20. Finally a member

    Hey Raychel, glad to see you on the forums!!
  21. Hello there MidSouth.`

    Hey Scott, welcome to the MSG!
  22. Heya Folks - AL Garrison

    Hey Beth, Welcome and it was nice to meet you at the Space and Rocket Center event. That was a blast. Feel free to come up and troop with us anytime!
  23. Howdy!

    Pumpkinfest is a must! It is a lot of fun and just an all around good time.