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  1. Sith Lord Candidate

    Hey Jacob, we don't meet every week. We have events we attend, and generally grab a bite to eat after that. Check the events section to see what is happening next.
  2. Sith Lord Candidate

    Man, that Lego Star Destroyer is AWESOME!! Welcome!
  3. MSG Logos

    Thanks Robbie!
  4. MSG Logos

    Hey Lawrence, I don't have any high res 501st logos, but let me see what I can do on the MSG logo.
  5. Upgrade to MSG Membership?

    Hey Uncle, Chris should see this shortly and get you squared away. Thanks!
  6. Hey Ed and Julie, great to hear from you! Ivan told me you were more than likely moving here. Hopefully the move won't be to painful, and you won't have to sell too much stuff. Let me know if I can help out.
  7. Introduction for Joseph Fyffe

    Welcome Joe! I wish you the best with your surgery and a speedy recovery!
  8. unable to view 501st only?

    Okay, cool. Make sure to update your profile information, and I am sure Chris will see this thread and get you squared away. Thanks!
  9. unable to view 501st only?

    Denise, what is your 501st ID number?
  10. just joined and excited

    Welcome Hutch! Feel free to pm me any profile questions you have. Thanks!
  11. Upgrade to MSG Membership?

    Hey Jaime, I am sure Chris will see this and get you upgraded, thanks!
  12. Jim has been a little out of pocket for several reasons, but I will let Luke know to look into this as well. Thanks.
  13. Very cool, I have been edumacated , and will check that out. Thanks!
  14. What the hell is tapatalk, lol? Seriously.
  15. Hello from Gallatin

    Hey Mike, welcome to the boards!
  16. Welcome, and thank you for your service! Ask your GML to transfer your membership and that should take care of it.
  17. Hello from New Johnsonville, TN

    Welcome Andy! Look at some of the other intro threads as they have reference info of where to look, such as whitearmor.net, etc. Be sure to use the search button on those forums once registered as asking where to find armor is a little frowned upon. But, ask as many questions as you like here, and the membership will steer you in the right direction. Thanks!
  18. Greetings from Lexington, KY

    Welcome Adam! I agree with Don, nice looking set up you have. What kit did you end up going with?
  19. Greetings from Murfreesboro

    I will make it to SDCC one day. I don't really want to troop the con, but rather go for the experience of the whole deal. Plus, shipping armor to cons sucks.
  20. General/Off topic Discussion

    It is in the 501st and Rebel Legion section of the forums. Once you are a garrison member, you will have access to that area.