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  1. Welcome and Introduction

    I could not have said it any better. Come out and see us at an event so that we know who you are.
  2. Welcome and Introduction

    Hey Alex, you mentioned in another thread that you were too young to become a member. How old are you now? Unfortunately, this could hamper your ability to help us out unless certain rules are adhered to. Feel free to send me a PM if you like and we can discuss it further.
  3. Welcome and Introduction

    Welcome Alex. We can always use help at events. The Knoxville area has a great group of troopers. Be sure to get to an event and introduce yourself to them.
  4. Rookie

    Hey Terri, Tambo told me about the baby, congrats! I think 'Rookie' is an inappropriate title for this topic, lol.
  5. Hello

    Welcome Ryan!
  6. Hi......

    Here is where to begin: What clone do you want to be? A standard grunt white clone, an Episode II or Episode III clone, a clone commander, and animated clone, etc (and I know I didn't hit all the variations). Once you decide that, you will have some idea of what you will need to buy. On CT.net, you can use the search button there or check the for sale section to get an idea of vendors, etc. Also, some thought needs to be given to how you will look in armor. If you are a skinny dude, you can pull off most any clone. If would be considered a little 'healthy', you might want to stay away from an animated clone version. If you are 6'4", I would recommend building a Vader, lol. As Skip has already pointed out, this is not going to happen overnight. Any clone takes a while to build if done correctly. And, so you don't have sticker shock, depending on the clone you build you could easily spend between $1,000 to $1,500 or more (and that doesn't include the tools you might need to buy). That is why we are saying to take your time and do your research. I 100% agree with Skip telling you to come out to an event and see some armor up close. That will give you an idea of what is involved. I would be happy to help you out as well. Hope that helps.
  7. Hi......

    Jeff, do a LOT of research, and ask questions, and stay away from Starfortress.com.
  8. Hi......

    Hey Jeff, and welcome to our little piece of insanity/utopia! I can't add much more than what everyone has said. Best rule of thumb, ask us before you buy, and stay away for Ebay. You will not find quality stuff there as most of it is recasted. Our garrison has a ton of clones, and we would be happy to help out. Come out to an event and hang with us, and hopefully you will be trooping soon.
  9. Hello

    Welcome Jeff!
  10. Command Staff user names

    Sure, it is done.
  11. 2011 Command Staff Commander (CO): Tambo (Glenn Tamboia) Executive Officer (XO): Dune (Jonathan Walker) Public Relations Officer (GPR): FallenJedi (Don Enck) Garrison Membership Liaison (GML): Clonzilla (Luke Hedrick) Garrison Charity Representative (GCR): Squirrel (Trent Miller) Garrison Web Master (GWM): Chris_Lee (Chris Lee) Garrison Web Liaison (GWL): Atin_Miller (Corey Miller) Mos Nooga Sqaud Leader: dogsondagobah (Angie Punch)
  12. New girl from martin

    Doesn't look like he put up much of a fight....
  13. updating status

    Hey Jason, no worries. I am sure Chris will see this and get you squared away. Thanks!
  14. Hello Everyone!

    Very, VERY evil....
  15. Hello Everyone!

    Hey Cody, glad you made it here. Come on out and hang out with us soon. We can get you squared away soon.
  16. I like the new look so far.
  17. Potential Clone

    Welcome John. Come on out to some events and get to know us. That will help you decide exactly which costume you want to build first.
  18. I just purchased my AK-47 Airsoft (I mean real rifle) this week...look out, it is going to happen. You will read about it in the papers....I will be famous. Thanks Jester
  19. I've been sick for almost a week...what the hell do you people want?!?! I will talk with Chris about the colors and see what can be done.
  20. Hello everyone!

    Welcome back, glad you made it home safely!
  21. Howdy!

    Welcome Jack!
  22. Chad Vader Introduction

    Welcome Chad! Glad to see you here, and come hang out with us at an event.
  23. May I Introduce Myself

    Welcome Charles, and I agree, post up some of your work. I travel to Cincinnati often with work...neat place.