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  1. New girl from martin

    Given the number of responses your welcome thread has received, I don't think they are concerned about your hair. As a matter of fact, once you come out and troop with us, and you have been in that TK bucket for a couple of hours, your hair will be a hot mess, lol.
  2. New girl from martin

    The EFX helmet would be fine. Some troopers replace the lenses since they aren't that dark, but that is an easy fix.
  3. New girl from martin

    Welcome Katie! I can't add much more than what has been said. Come on out to MidSouth Con, or Connooga, and bring the Rubies suit. Some folks in the Legion are elitist's when it comes costumes, but as Loki said there is a fine line. Welcome again, and be careful...there are going to be some folks that will want to turn you away from your Martin roots, lol!
  4. Jason, welcome! Thank you for your detailed post. We have several folks that can guide you as you work towards building your armor. I feel your pain on the Jango build as I am in the middle of one myself. Keep your eyes open for upcoming prop parties and events. It would be great to meet you and your son in the near future. Again, welcome.
  5. Newbie from Smyrna

    What Jon is getting at is you are opening a can of worms, and this is a sensitive issue. You can't expect to come on a forum where no one knows you, say you are going to sell licensed product that you don't own the rights to and not expect some folks to be a little alarmed and cautious. With the amount of recasted stuff out there on the market, it is easy to understand the resistance you have received. You might want to do some research on other folks who have "sculpted Star Wars items" and thought they retained the rights to sell that as well. They received nice legal letters from LFL. We have seen this kind of thing happen before. So, here is my suggestion to you; come out and meet some of us at an event or two. Let us get to know you, and then we can go from there. We are a very welcoming group, but this is starting out on the wrong foot. Also, Jon is one of the most gifted sculptors/prop makers we have in this garrison (and we have several that would fall in to this group). I would also ask that you extend them some courtesy when you are the new guy coming on to the boards.
  6. Newbie from Smyrna

    George, thanks for the additional info. Unfortunately, it is a common occurrence for people to pop up on the forums, talk about molds, vac forming, etc. and bad things seem to happen. We have a Costume and Prop Building section of the forum. Feel free to share pictures/info of some of your work there, even if it is non-Star Wars stuff. A lot of us have several areas of interest, so I am sure your work will appeal to a lot of folks.
  7. Newbie from Smyrna

    Jon raises a great point, and he isn't being a jerk. George, if you have not researched the venture you are about to take on, I highly recommend you do so. Forums are littered with the skeletons of new members that thought selling recasted (or their own slightly modified castings) at a cheaper price was great idea. Most costume builders will stray away from recasted items for several reasons. If your serious about joining this group and participating, we are very welcoming and would love to have you come out to an event and hang out with us. Heck, I grew up in Smyrna, so it would be nice to meet you. But, if your only intent in posting is to sell items down the road, I can tell you that isn't going to go over well here. Having said all of that, feel free to pm me with any questions. No one is being a jerk, I think they just want you to know what end of the pool you are about to jump in to.
  8. Newbie from Smyrna

    Hey George, welcome to the forums. You have peeked everyone's curiosity with what you have in the works. Keep us posted and come out to an event sometime soon.
  9. Hey Eric, got your email, and I sent you one back with some questions. Thanks.
  10. Hello

    I thought that was pretty funny....but what doesn't kill you makes you an EXPERT, lol.
  11. Hello

    Welcome Matthew! A lot of the guys have already said what I would have, so nothing much for me to add. Hope to see you at an event.
  12. Hello everyone!

    Over time it won't matter...no one has just one costume...ask Skip.
  13. Hello everyone!

    Build what you like and want to wear. There is no such thing as an "easy" costume. They all have some level of difficulty. Go with a character that you like, and then do some research to find out if you want to put the time and energy into building that costume.
  14. Hello everyone!

    Great idea. If you can pull that off, I am sure you wouldn't have any trouble getting folks to participate.
  15. Hello everyone!

    Send Skip a PM. Cameras are always welcome at events. We have garrison members that take pics all the time. You are welcome to do that as well.
  16. Hello everyone!

    Dylan, first of all, thank you very much for your service to our country. Please watch your six, and return safely. I know you stated in another thread you might build a clone first....since this will be your first costuming experience, I would recommend another build first, then try tackling a clone build. Once you return, come hang out with us. Get to know the group, and you will find out which costume you want to build. If you decide you want to do the clone, we can help you with that too. Now, give me 10 push-ups for using the word "cosplay" on this forum.
  17. Greetings

    Welcome Adam! We have several MSG members that live in and around the Knoxville area. Looking forward to meeting you at an event in the future.
  18. Very cool. You will like the MR Vader helmet. I was able to get one recently and I don't regret the purchase at all.
  19. I'm Official!

    Congrats David, that is awesome!
  20. Newbie

    Welcome Andrea, glad you made it to the boards. Chattanooga is a great place (I used to live there). I don't think we have anything going on this weekend in Chat, but some of the locals there might chime in and verify that.
  21. Just dropping in to say hello

    Hey Mark, welcome! Glad you made it by the forums!
  22. iductionsntro

    Welcome Darron! I am sure the guys in K-town would love to have you come troop with them. Glad you made it here and feel free to come to any events you can make.
  23. Hello from Jackson, TN

    Welcome Steve!
  24. Greetings from Memphis!

    Stipan, welcome! We have several folks in your area that troop on a regular basis. Just watch the boards for events that come up, and feel free to come out and meet us. I would recommend you also register for clonetroopers.net. There is a wealth of information there. DO NOT start a post asking where to buy armor....that will get you flamed pretty quickly. Rather, use the search button on the forum and spend some time reading existing posts. You will find the information that you are looking for.