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  1. Newbie in Memphis

    Frank, welcome! It is going to be hard to buy a costume "off the shelf, ready to go, no assembly required". My advice would be to come out to some of the events we have and meet some of the folks that troop. You could even be a handler. It is probably easier than you think to build a stormtrooper costume. It takes basic knowledge, and not a full workshop of tools, although tools are required. Stay away from Ebay, and just ask around here.
  2. Greetings!

    Welcome Jaime! I hope to troop with you soon.
  3. Hello

    Welcome Scott. Send Skip a PM and he can direct you on how to get your stormtrooper armor. Feel free to post up pics of your Pred as well. I know there are other folks on here that have that costume and would love to see yours. Let us know if you have any questions.
  4. Greetings

    Mike, welcome! You have already been given some great advice. The MEPD is a great source to build your sandtrooper. I used it when I built mine, and they have a wealth of knowledge there. If you have any questions, feel free to let us know. Looking forward to meeting you soon.
  5. Oya from Kentucky!

    Hey Darryl, we do have an MSG Mandalorians section, but it is restricted to MSG members only. I think the last postings that took place were around June or July of this year. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM.
  6. Heeeelllllooooo!

    I wondered why you didn't post that one, lol. The first of many "armor bites"...
  7. Visiting in northern Ky

    Welcome Tom. Hope you enjoy your stay!
  8. Greetings from Memphis

    Welcome Jason! You have already received some good advice in this thread. Come on out to the event this weekend at Build-A-Bear at Wolfchase as Hollie has suggested. She is really cool and doesn't charge for her help, unless it's me, then she charges double, lol. At any rate, as you can tell, we have a lot of fun and we love what we do. Its great to have another potential trooper in Memphis. Let us know if you have questions.
  9. Heeeelllllooooo!

    Cat, I cross-posted it in the public section, you can see it here. Comic Con looks like it might be fun as well.
  10. The Sith Have Arrived. >;~)

    Welcome to the boards!
  11. Hello there!

    Hey David, it was cool to meet you Saturday. Glad you made it to the boards. Let me know if you have any questions.
  12. Heeeelllllooooo!

    Cat, thanks for taking pictures at the event this morning. It was great to meet you and David. I hope to see you guys at an event in the near future.
  13. New to the site

    Sara, welcome to the forums! Asajj Ventress is a cool costume, can't wait to see how it turns out.
  14. Heeeelllllooooo!

    Cat, here is a map for Saturday's event. We will meet in the parking lot area at 7:30 a.m. and then walk over as a group and check in at the Volunteer's Tent. See you then! Map.pdf
  15. Heeeelllllooooo!

    Cat, I should have all the particulars squared away with the event contact tonight and will forward all of that to you in a PM. Thanks for the reminder!
  16. Heeeelllllooooo!

    Hey Cat, I will make sure you are on the roster for the Autism Walk. I will be sure to update you as things get closer.
  17. New to the force

    Now, that is funny!
  18. New to the force

    Luke who? Congrats Darlita. Your Mara Jade looks great! I saw the pics from CV. Nice work!
  19. Heeeelllllooooo!

    Cat, you would be a big help at either event, so feel free to pick which ever one you want. Both are great causes, so their is no wrong choice in my mind. We should have a good group of folks at each event. We try not to have multiple events on the same day, but sometimes it is unavoidable, especially if it is with organizations we have worked with in the past, which was the case in this situation. Looking forward to meeting you. Your CV pics look awesome!
  20. Heeeelllllooooo!

    Don has been working on that. (Hint, hint) Catherine, in the meantime, here is a link you can use to view the event here.
  21. Heeeelllllooooo!

    Welcome Aboard Catherine! Nice pics! Don't worry, no one takes pictures of Luke (Clonezilla)...it is just the way it is. As Don and Loki have both pointed out, there are great events coming up. If you can't make it to Churchill Downs in Kentucky, there is a local Autism walk as well that several folks will be at. Again, welcome!
  22. TK-6875 is Official!

    That is pretty sweet!
  23. CT-6414

    Congrats Cody!
  24. TK-6875 is Official!

    Congrats Joe! Welcome to the crazy family!