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  1. CT 8231 is official!

    Congrats Robbie! We will have to get you and Cody together with Don and Tambo for a "family photo"!
  2. waiting for approval

    Looks good Robbie!
  3. Welcome Sammy. Looking forward to seeing you at an event soon!
  4. Hey Brent, it was great to meet you today. Let me know when you want to get started on the ARF, I will be happy to help you out. Hopefully we can get some trooping in before you head out in November. Talk to you soon.
  5. Ozzel is Accepted

    Congrats Don, and welcome aboard! It was great to meet you at WSMI.
  6. BH-6963 - Deployed

    Welcome Todd, it was nice to meet you at the dinner. Look forward to trooping with you soon.
  7. Where's all the White women at!

    Whatchu talkn bout Hammer?!
  8. Where's all the White women at!

    One of my first troops was with Tech, and it rocked! So, does that make you the Black Trooper Prodigal Son?
  9. Hey Don, it was great to meet you at WSMI. Can't wait to troop with you again!
  10. Greetings all

    Welcome John. A stormtrooper is a good costume to start out with. We have several folks in your area that can help you out and get you started.
  11. JBB Emp Checking In

    Andrew, thank you for the kind words. I have heard nothing but awesome things from the guys that trooped this past weekend. Thanks again!
  12. Daughter of a 501st

    Welcome Denise! Can't wait to see you suited up in the Snowtrooper!
  13. What happened today?

    My understanding is it is fixed. If you are having problems with the forum, feel free to pm or text me.
  14. What happened today?

    From what Chris told me, the host was having database problems.
  15. TK2651 checking in

    Welcome Kevin, congrats and thanks for checking in.
  16. IC-6129

    Welcome Chris, see you at WSMI.
  17. Calling Dr. Tusken. . .

    Welcome Russ!
  18. Tk-3990

    Welcome Clint!
  19. The Average Joe has arrived....

    Joe, awesome to see you here!
  20. Hey MidSouth!

    Welcome Matt! Tony is a great guy, and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to building stuff.
  21. Initial Forum Post

    David, welcome to the boards! Come on out to an event and hang out with us.
  22. Newbie sorta

    Jay, welcome and I am glad you found us. I live pretty close to you (in Goodlettsville). Skip is a wealth of knowledge and a great guy. As far as the weight gain, I have been there. A lot of us have become more health conscious and have started some type of workout/fitness program. Personally, I am doing P90X, which has worked for me as well as other folks in the garrison. If you are interested, let me know. I hope to see you at an event sometime soon.
  23. tk 9589 damon here

    Damon, I know the feeling. My uncle died about two months ago, and it happened pretty much the same way. Sorry to hear your family is going through this.
  24. tk 9589 damon here

    Damon, sorry to hear about your uncle. I will keep your family in my prayers. I will get the GWM to update your status so you have full access to the boards.
  25. Absolutely, that is an excellent idea.