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  1. Hey.. girl! You can troop with us anytime! Come troop with the squad this weekend in Chattanooga. We have kidz Expo. I would love to see you. : )
  2. Hello From Knoxville

  3. Greetings From Chattanooga

    Welcome Paul!
  4. I'm Official!

  5. New to the force

  6. Welcome, Hope you can come to Chattanooga and troop with the squad some day.
  7. soon to be a stormtrooper ((( I hope !)))

    Hi James, If you want to join the gang on Saturday, we will be doing the bug a paluza on saturday at Camp Jordon. You have my number... call either Duke or Myself. Can't wait to get you part of the group! HUGS.
  8. Hi from a new member

    Hi Charles, I remember that day, I was the sisth who was lost, lol this group was also the group who did the CSO event. Yes that night took the whole cake, it truly was an outstanding trooping event! Anyways our next event is April 18th at camp Jordon. I will send you my info in a pm.
  9. Hey all

    Hey Kirk Welcome. I am heading up the 501st table and mixer. I just might take you up on your offer to help.
  10. Wow!.. can't wait to see you and your costume in person.
  11. Introductions

    Welcome Jason, You are always welcome to troop with us down here in Chattanooga... Just look under the Mos Nooga Event thread.
  12. Hi Dan and R2! Welcome to the MSG boards.
  13. Howdy from AL Garrison

    Welcome Clark.. You are always welcome to troop with us in Chattanooga!
  14. Wanting to be a new member

    Todd now that you know that some costumes are more expensive and time consuming then others..... If you still have your heart set on a particular one then go for it. It might take you a little more time then you thought but, you will be happy with your choice at the end. If you are concern about whether you want this costume or not... then handle at a few events and maybe one of the members that have a Vader might let you troop in it for a while to see if you truly want to go down that path.
  15. Hopeful Soon to Be Member

    With you Mark that will make 4 new members for the squad in 2010! Ya...
  16. Hello there MidSouth.`

    Welcome from the Chattanooga area and the Mos Nooga Squad!
  17. Heya Folks - AL Garrison

    Hi Beth, I had a great time trooping at the space center. You all made us feel so welcome! I look forward of trooping with you up here.
  18. Howdy!

    Welcome... I was raised in the Orlando area.