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  1. Yeah, I'm back.

    Your number the same I was going to give you a call to catch up after work the other day but wasn't sure.
  2. Yeah, I'm back.

    Oh Hells yeah?
  3. Hello from Virginia!

    Welcome, thanks for any heads up on anything near our troops out that way.
  4. Dune Sea Garrison Transfer

    Welcome to the MSG.
  5. Hello From Louisville

    Welcome the Louisville Makers Faire is coming up in a few weekends.
  6. Long time out in the Cold

    Matt looking forward to seeing you active as well over on the Corellian boards.
  7. Long time out in the Cold

    Hey Mark welcome back man, it's been too long. We all saw you go by after we got to the end of the parade and loaded up in the trolly. Wondered who it was. Catch you next time?
  8. Hello from Cincinnati

    Welcome Barry. I still got fond memories of COSI many moons ago.
  9. Hello from Lexington Ky

  10. Hello From Louisville!

  11. Carolina Garrison member currently in Nashville.

    Hey Matt hope to troop with you soon man. Good to see you here as well man.
  12. Hello from Nashville!

    Welcome Connor. its good to see new troopers locally.
  13. Greetings from Cleveland, TN

    It's as good a choice as any but don't forget you got a new movie on the horizon with lots of new armor to be dissected and made I'd set any goals tentatively and save up. And in the mean time do the research like you are and attend some events locally just to meet folks and get a feel for what we do. I mean who knows what everyone's going to wNy come December lol. Anyway you decide have fun with it and ask around here before making kit or armor purchases online. We can help steer you away from the scammers.
  14. Greetings from Cleveland, TN

    Well you come to the right place to start doing research. I'll warn you Vader is s costly costly project. And I did so mostly at bargain prices cause I like to find deals. I could've had a larger savings, paid off a credit card, or bought a used car. Instead I assembled my suit over the course of two years with tons of heartache and stress. Would I do it again yes. Completely yes. I love my Vader. Though if I did it again I might spend more and buy a completed suit vs assembling it, I had very little help or a ice since most folks just buy a Vader intact. Standing there 6'6" with my lifts with the whole get up and the breathing fx and voice modulation, it's a rush. So believe me when I say go for it. But at your age and with the priorities and life changes you'll soon have thrust upon you scholastically, financially, and socially. Personally I say start with an easier build one that costs less, is more durable, takes up less room, is easier to transport, and will ultimately cause you a ton if less stress. Go from a trooper be it a TK, TC, TB, TS, etc. less build time lots more help. Less fuss. And more freedom. Troopers get away with more then the boss does. Also waaaay more comfortable lol. Trust me and you might thank me later. Regardless cheers and good luck. You got time to figure it all out. And we got good troopers out there to help make it happen when that time comes.
  15. Welcome. What costume are you building or assembling for membership?