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  1. Pikeville (KY) Comic Con

    Event Name: Pikeville Comic Con Venue: East Kentucky Expo Venue address: 126 Main Street Pikeville, Kentucky 41501 USA Event Start: 08/25/2017 - 9:00am Event End: 08/25/2017 - 7:00PM Event Website: www.pikevillecomiccon.com Expected number of attendees: 6000 Requested number of characters: Requested character types: Secure changing/staging area: Yes Comments: This is a one day comic con with media guest along with comic artist and writers. Referred by: Your group attended last year.
  2. Dream Catchers Softball Game

    Event Name: 2018 Dream Catchers Softball Season Opening Day Venue: Dream Catchers Field at Goldman Park Venue address: 3104 Roosevelt Blvd, Middletown OH Event Start: 5/5/2018 - 10:00 AM (Parade Line up. Parade begins at 11:00 AM) Event End: 5/5/2018 - 3:00 PM Event Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/DreamCatchersVSP/ Expected number of attendees: 200 Requested number of characters: As many as possible Requested character types: None Specified Secure changing/staging area: No. Changing will need to be done in the parking lot of the parade start. Please secure totes in your vehicles. For sign-up and more details: Ohio Event Forum Post
  3. until
    Event Name: May the Fourth (Community Block Party) Venue: SOKY Marketplace Venue address: 636 Center Ct Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101 USA Event Start: 05/04/2018 - 05:00pm Event End: 05/04/2018 - 08:00pm Event Website: Expected number of attendees: 500 Requested number of characters: any Requested character types: Secure changing/staging area: Yes Comments: For the “kick-off” BGGOVTOGO event, we are planning a community block party with a Star Wars theme for Friday, May the 4th at SOKY Marketplace downtown. For this event, in addition to free food and games, we’d like to include a “touch a truck” component for City departments and other affiliate agencies to be able to show off some of their equipment and gadgets.
  4. Paducah Galaxy of Heroes Con

    Event Name: Paducah galaxy of hereos con Venue: Traders mall Venue address: 6900 benton rd. Paducah, Kentucky 42003 USA Event Start: Oct 13 - 9 am Event End: Oct 13 - 5pm Event Website: https://www.facebook.com/Paducah-Galaxy-Of-Heroes-Con-1587309887983220/ Expected number of attendees: Hard to tell Requested number of characters: 2 Requested character types: Secure changing/staging area: Yes Comments: We are hosting our first Comic Con in Paducah, Ky. This event is free for vendors and free admission to event. Just want everyone to come out and have a great time. We will have several book Authors, comic book artist and Toy/Comic vendors attending to mention a few.We have been Coplaying for 3 years and absoulety love everything about. We've meet some amazing people along the way with great passion for what they do. We also are in a group called Heroes For Kids, where we do Charity events for kids dressed as Super Heroes. Nothing more amazing than putting smiles on kids faces. #1 reason we do what we do. We are trying to bring a fun event to the community. we would love to have you Thank you for your time Referred by: We have a friend from the 501st in Chicago il.we done comic cons together Chris Stewart. He told us about ya
  5. until
    Contact Name: Stephanie McKinney Contact Phone Number: (270) 904-4393 Contact Email: thearchivesbg@gmail.com Event Name: The Bowling Green Comic Book and Toy Show Venue: The Fraternal Order Of Police Lodge Venue address: 150 Corvette Dr Bowling Green , Kentucky 42101 USA Event Start: 4/14 - 10:00 am Event End: 4/14 - 5:00 PM Event Website: Facebook The Bowling Green Comic and Toy Show Expected number of attendees: Not sure, we had 200 last time but expecting a lot more then that Requested number of characters: Dons't matter Requested character types: Secure changing/staging area: Yes Comments: Hi , My name is Stephanie McKinney and my family owns a Comic Book and Toy Store in Bowling Green, Ky. We are also having our 2nd Bowling Green Comic Book and Toy show April 14th! The show will be April 14th and the doors will be open to the public from 10am-5pm. The admission for customers is $5 each and kids 10 & under get in freeWe can start setting up from 7am to 10am on Saturday and then tear down and old out will be 5pm-7pm Saturday night. We already have about 19 vendors signed up but we have plenty of room in this new building! is our 2nd snow, our first one has an amazing turn out. Last time we were in a much smaller building so we were only able to have 13 vendors but we did have about 200 customers come through! This time our show is in a larger place and we've already got more vendors then last time. Also our customers are super excited for the event as well. Referred by: My uncle is a Star Wars nut and has a ton of uniforms so I knew from him but also ya'll have been at a lot of the shows we've been to
  6. Reinforcements from Ohio

    Welcome, Jeff! As soon as they update your access, definitely browse the event forums and feel free to join us whenever you can.
  7. Greetings from NKY

    Welcome to the family! Things are quieting down a little bit right now but we've had a lot of northern Kentucky troops this year. Watch both Derby City and Blue Sun squad forums for event postings. You can also jump in to each of the respective Facebook groups for additional chatter and event info.
  8. DS-27927 here!

    Welcome aboard! It's great to have you in the family! And, yes, you need all kinds of Midsouth Garrison and 501st swag.
  9. DS 62727 signing on

    I do rock the Leia bikini, don't I?
  10. DS 62727 signing on

    Now when you get added to the rest of the forums.... (hint hint, admins)
  11. TK-22007 saying hello and thank you!

    That's putting it mildly. LOL
  12. DS 62727 signing on

    Awww, geez. Who let HER in here?
  13. TK-22007 saying hello and thank you!

    I ran the naked mile wearing the T-rex costume. ;-)
  14. TK-22007 saying hello and thank you!

    I suppose I should follow the posting requirements, eh?Real name is Jeff Horstman. I'm a new member of the Blue Sun Squad thanks to the help of the GML, CO and so many of the members of MSG. I'm in Florence, KY, holding down the northernmost point of the Garrison border. I met several members at conventions in Lexington, Louisville and Cincinnati and finally decided that joining was the thing for me to do. I'm seeking access to the boards in order to fully participate in the Garrison activities and discussions.