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    I'm interested in building my own armor and joining the 501st
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  1. Ginger from Louisville

    Hey Brielle, I met you and your dad at boombozz about a year ago. I'm slowly working on my scout trooper! Finally got the bucket comfortable. Lots of Velcro and trying over and over again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Greetings From Louisville!

    IndyPopCon is June 17 - 19 so still a bit away.
  3. Greetings From Louisville!

    Hi All, My name is Mikey and I too moved to Louisville. Don't have any armor built yet but plan too in the near future a friend of mine just joined the bloodfin garrison and he convinced me that I could totally build my own armor. I also run a Star Wars podcast called Resistance Radio. Anyone from here gonna be at IndyPopCon?