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  1. Whats up from West TN?

  2. Hello from Maysville

    Welcome! I'm about 10 miles south of Cincinnati.
  3. Long Time, No See

    Awesome! Thanks.... I'll probably be going with SC (after Christmas... when I'll have the funds lol)...
  4. Long Time, No See

    Thanks all..... Glad to be here.... If I have things budgeted correctly I should be up and running within 6 months.... May need someone to point me to a trimming tutorial (as this is my first, NOT last, costume).
  5. Long Time, No See

  6. Long Time, No See

    Hello again everyone... I was active in building my TB around 2009 (and on the Ohio Garrison and MSG boards).... Then life fell completely apart and I had to sell what I had collected, so I'm starting from pretty much scratch. (It's all good though, I earned a bachelor's in physics, married my best friend, was awarded full custody of my son... So life is SO good). Anyway, the required: Chad Johnston No affiliations yet, but I'm working on my TB again and can't wait to start trooping. Florence, KY I don't remember, probably through the 501st main page To get to know all of you, stay up to date on events, and learn about costuming/get (and give) help.