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  1. Hey troopers! Rodney Gilreath here reporting from Smyrna, Tennessee! Looking to join the 501st. Found out about you guys through my awesome Star Wars blue ray collection. Saw the group participate in the 2007 Rose Bowl parade and ever since I watched that combined with playing a LOT of Star Wars Battlefront 2 on the xbox, nostalgia and excitement was just flowing through me! I thought to myself..."this is where I belong". I LOVE the Empire and everyone in it! So after that I took the next step...contacting the 501st to reach out and show my interest in joining the group. Currently I'm trying to look into the armor as far as where to get it and tips on putting it together. Wanting to be a Shadow Scout of spec ops detachment. Would absolutely love some hands on help with it! It's my first time. Would also love to get to know the local troopers in Midsouth Garrison! "For the Empire"!