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  1. 501st access request

  2. New Here

  3. 501st access request

    TR 11150 requesting full 501st access please.
  4. Hello from Louisville, Ky (Prospective TR)

    With Weird Al showing up I've got to be there. That man is a RIOT! I lost a lot of money when he was riding around like a fool on stage on that blasted Segway. (Bonnaroo Music Festival) I bet my wife that he was going to fall off the stage. Man he has skills. Or perhaps... it was... the force? By the way I'll need a ton of help. Manly in finding the armor for the chest and back (Not looking forward to those modifications). And that blasted belt. I feel confident in my ability to make the portions for the legs and arms but that chest and back I'm not so sure of. Just tell me when the next armor party is and what to bring and I'll be there. unless the boss ships me off to who knows where. LOL Maybe I'll just show up with my bucket and get some pointers. Or if I've got enough time maybe I'll be able to order some Morbla or Sintra for the build. Either way it will be awesome to meet the local garrison members.
  5. Hello all, I'm Dennis Combs currently in Louisville, Ky due to work. I've been wanting to join the 501st for years but my former hometown was far too small and resources were impossible to come by. Plus you'd more than likely get arrested if you're showing up at the local shopping center in a costume outside of the holiday. Joking aside I've been very impressed with all of the charity work that the 501st has been involved in. Like many there comes a time when you've got to do something to try and make a difference. I heard about the 501st legion years ago and have been following you for what seems like forever. It's always seemed cool but I've never bit the bullet and decided to join up. Now that I've moved to Louisville, Ky I've got an opportunity to do something good in a larger area and have a blast while doing it. With that in mind I decided I wanted to do it. Over the past couple weeks I've been working with the Sovereign Protectors to get started on my Shadow Guard from TFU. Since it's now an approved costume I decided that it's the one I wanted. Since my home region is governed by the MidSouth Garrison I'd love to be able to join you on the discussion board and get your advice to finish this costume then join you on many troops as a Shadow Guard. BTW... I've already acquired a DP bucket which I'll need to paint flat black. The optional cloak is currently being made. The Kama is also being stitched up.