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  1. Hello Fellow Troops

    Oh, nice. It was cool that we got to flank Brian M during his panel, right?
  2. Hello there. My name is David Steinweg, and I'm a member in the GA Garrison (by way of the Florida Garrison). My wife, Ally, and I are going to be in your territory for FanBoy Expo in Knoxville. We are coming up there as workers for the convention. We've worked with FanBoy for a few years now. Apparently, we ruffled a few feathers at FanBoy in Nashville earlier this month. I'm trying to avoid upsetting anyone this time around. We honestly didn't think it was a big deal, but travelling to others' turf can get dicey on occasion, I suppose. Anyway, we are looking forward to meeting folks in the Knoxville area. We met some great people in Nashville, and can't wait to expand our 501st allegiances. I'll post in the event section as well. Take care.