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  1. Hello!

    Yeah! I'll message you on FB!
  2. Hello!

    I'm super interested in that service.
  3. Hello!

    The Anovos stuff is definitely madness. I'm probably gonna sucker myself into a preorder soon though..... RIP wallet. Hi Meg! Good to see you again ^^ My Storm Trooper goal is probably an ANH Storm Trooper that I can easily modify into Storm Trooper Luke, considering I'm 5'2" and DEFINITELY short for a storm trooper :') Are you coming to the Sounds event? I'm gonna show up and see if any handlers are required!
  4. I'm going for a Moff, probably Leonia Tavira. She's Legends, but she's also a space pirate, and I respect that.
  5. Hi! I'm Madison Ray, I currently live in Nashville and would love to start trooping with you all! I had such a lovely time at the Ascend John Williams event, and I cannot wait to join more in the future. I'm also concurrently joining the Rebel Legion, if they'll have me. (Scum and villainy like to play both sides of the war, of course.) I learned about the 501st just through existing in all things Star Wars, and finally plucked up the courage to join! I've always wanted to cosplay, but never found something that held my interest long enough to warrant the amount of work put into it. I finally decided that it was about time I see what this was all about, so I looked at the roster information for MSG, and I found my good friend Connor Chmielewski's name on the list, so I messaged him and that directed me here to all you lovely people. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Let me know!