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  1. Hello and Stuff from La Vergne!

    Welcome! As Robbie mentioned, I'm also working on a Legacy TK. It'll hopefully be my first 501st costume! Right now I'm only in Rebel Legion but I lurk here often.
  2. Hello!

    Same! Like I said, wallet will be kind of empty for a bit, but I'm definitely up for this!
  3. Hello!

    Yes, planning on it! Are you any good with hair? Because I could definitely use some help pinning on my buns and don't have a handler to help!
  4. Hello!

    I mean, sure... if you guys wanna help a lady out. Totally up for it, though it's a bit cost-prohibitive at the moment what with trying to buy a new house and all.
  5. Hi Madison! Met you at the Symphony. I just got my Leia approved by the RL and now I'm over here trying to figure out what baddie to do! Who are you interested in doing?
  6. Hello!

    Hi! I'm Megan, or Meg, or Galacticat - I already know quite a few of you and have met several others! I moved out to Spring Hill back in 2011, was in Knoxville before then, and I've been wanting to join the 501st and/or Rebel Legion for quite a while now. I finally got my Senatorial Leia completed and RL approved just a few weeks ago, and now I'm trying to settle on a 501st character to start with so I can join you guys as well! Boushh is my big goal, but that'll take a while to build. So, leaning towards Mara Jade, perhaps? It may be a little while, as my boyfriend and I are in the middle of getting our house ready to sell (and then we've got to buy a house, and move), but I'm hoping I can get her done before the end of the year! In the meantime, I'm sure I'll run into many of you on troops as Leia.