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  1. Ello from Memphis!

    @alexmorris21 Yes indeed it is! I meant to mention him but I did not know his screen name off the top of my head. I appreciate all the warm welcomes everyone!
  2. Ello from Memphis!

    Oi! Stephanie Sinclair checking in from Memphis, TN! I am huge Star Wars fan and have been cosplaying for years, so when I met Jonathan (who had just completed his Officer uniform) I was really interested in what the 501st was and such. I have since then trooped with them once as a handler, and am starting a Biker scout costume this weekend actually. Before then I had seen the 501st before at various conventions and have always found them to be really amazing. The idea of doing something I already love to do but for a good cause sounds pretty awesome. I was told by one of the members in the group I've met up with a few times that this forum is a good place to start my journey to becoming a full fledged 501st member (other than building a costume of course.) So I look forward to getting to know everyone and trooping with you in the future!