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    Spending time with my daughter, Urban Fantasy books, Former Freelance Writer/Head Playtester for Alderac Entertainment Group, Star Wars

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    I am interested in starting the process of being a member of the 501st. I have not built or constructed anything in the past but the work you all do plus the belonging to something is something I seek. I live in Northern Kentucky just want to get more information and see how I start this process.
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  1. That actually helps quite a bit. Thank you. As I said I have never done this before so it is all new. A stormtrooper or a variation would be something I definitely want. They are so awesome looking. A crewman might be a good start to get me into it I can steal my parents sewing machine.
  2. Well Hello all. My name is Brian Bates, I work for a college book publisher(yes the devil) in Northern Kentucky. I watched the 501st grow through the years and am looking to possibly give it a go and try to join your amazing ranks. I am a father of a 22 month old, my little angel Stella and am married to my best friend Kristin. I am new to this whole costume thing so I am not even sure where to start. I have looked over the 501st page and have a few possibilities I would like to explore for submission. I know creating this outfit isn't cheap but I am definitely interested in doing it myself. How do I get started? What kind of money is involved in getting started? Is there anyone near me also into this? Thank you for your time. Brian Bates