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  1. Hello!

    Hi everyone, my name is Dennis Box and i live in Horn Lake,MS. I am currently starting work on my Kylo Ren costume. Just started on my helmet and my soft parts should all arrive in the next week, I've been talking to other 501st members from the Kylo Ren costuming group on Facebook and everyone has been super cool and helpful. You guys have some really awesome costumes and hopefully mine turns out half as good!
  2. Hello!

    Thanks for all the info! I'll definitely be checking out the Sith forums. I'm definitely going to need some tips as i go along. Justin, that's awesome! I knew there were a couple members around the Memphis area but no idea we had any in Desoto County! Will most definitely be in contact with you soon! I'll post what I have so far later on today. I received most of the soft parts yesterday. I'm missing the starkiller mid coat but found the fabric I need at Joannes by my house. This is my first build so I have absolutely zero confidence in everything I'm doing. I've been doing my homework on this costume for months now. Reading stuff online is easy enough, hands on though... some of this feels a bit overwhelming. Glad I found you guys, I'll definitely have plenty of questions to go around.
  3. Hello!

    Thanks! I can't seem to find the Sith Lord forums here, I've only seen the general costuming one. Could you give a link please?
  4. Hello!

    Thank you, I am definitely using that as my references. Though I know it's still in progress. Dawn Bright is very active and helpful in the Kylo building group! Looking through these forums, you guys do some excellent work around here. I'm also wanting to build a first order trooper but that will be much later on.