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  1. HOWDY

    Welcome, welcome!
  2. Hello

    Welcome, welcome!
  3. Finally Made It!

    Awesome! Good timing too as we are forming a Knox area squad very soon. Being you're part of the target area, check out the discussion. We are presently seeking squad name ideas, so if you are interested, feel free to suggest something before Thursday. Congrats, and welcome!
  4. Droid Wrangler

    Awesome! Welcome
  5. New Member introduction

    Welcome! Happy to see another Knox area recruit! There's an active group of troopers, here, all willing to help in any way we can. I am planning to set up a meet and greet in the near future so that the new members, and existing members can become better acquainted. Look forward to meeting you!
  6. New Recruit Reporting for Duty

    Welcome! Love seeing new membership in the Knox area. There's an active group of us here, and we all are willing to help any way we can. Since you're considering a Scout for your first character, I'm going to suggest you sign up/register with the Pathfinders Detachment: http://bikerscout.net/ if you haven't already. Very good info and resources over there. There's no preferences for costumes. Build what makes you happy, because you have to wear it. Look forward to meeting you!
  7. Hello!

    Welcome , Welcome! Always good to get new troopers to the Knox area. As already mentioned, there's a solid group of local troopers here, and we are all more than willing to help in any way we can! If you are interested in meeting any of us, we would very much welcome it! Sounds like you have a pretty cool build planned out. Unfortunately, not sure if anyone in our area has the connections you're looking for, but maybe some will chime in. Look forward to meeting you!
  8. Hello

    If you have not done so already, you should sign up/register with the Jolly Roger Squadron detachment. There's TONS of info and resources regarding the TIE Pilot, and it's probably one of the most active detachment forums in the Legion! You can find it here: www.JRS501st.com. There's a few active TIE Pilots on here, so feel free to ask questions.
  9. Hello all!

    Welcome, welcome!
  10. Howdy from Nashville!

    Welcome, welcome!
  11. I am official.

    Welcome, welcome!
  12. New member

  13. Hello from Columbia TN

    Welcome to the flight deck, Pilot!
  14. Hello From East TN

    Welcome (future) Pilot! Likely the easiest build to tackle and an excellent launching point for 501st approval! May i suggest you register on the Jolly Roger Squadron detachment forums (assuming you have not already done so)? You will find everything you need, and more there to get you on your way to flying the unfriendly skies! You can find it here: www.Jrs501st.com/forum.
  15. Interested in joining the Mid-South Garrison

    Welcome! Great group to troop with in Chattanooga. As for your question, I'd suggest you register with the FISD Stormtrooper detachment (whitearmor.net) to find your answer, if you have not already done so. Best of luck!
  16. Hello From West Knoxville

    Welcome! Nice to see more Knoxville-based people joining the ranks! You are in great hands with those two! Keep us updated on your progress. Look forward to trooping with you soon.
  17. Maryville - Merc

    Hi Justin and welcome! Glad to see another member from the Knoxville area. The ANH TIE Pilot is an easy build overall IMO. For the soft parts I went with Wampa for the flight suit, gloves, belt and buckle. I've seen a couple other options for the flightsuit, but for me the WampaWear was the way to go. The "hardest" thing to find seems to be the boots. I wanted to go thru Imperial Boots initially, but they were too back logged (and pricey) when I was building my kit so trolled eBay and found some engineer boots that worked. The hoses were the second hardest to come by since I initially had the rigid plastic ones and wanted to upgrade to a more flexible option. Otherwise it's a pretty easy build. Sidearm is an option for the kit. You will have a couple options though, if you choose to carry one. I carry a Power V. The E-11 is another option as well. If you have not done so already, I'd very much recommend you sign up on the Jolly Roger Squadron detachment. There seems to be a decent amount of activity on that forum. Best of luck with your build.
  18. Howdy from Knoxville, TN

  19. Hi from Knoxville, TN

    Welcome! Nice to see more Knoxville folks looking to join. Can't have too many TIE Pilots, IMO!
  20. Question about Boots.

    Hope you're making progress. Sorry I'm a bit late in replying, but there are other options as well. I was able to get approval using Engineer boots. The 'trick' with the engineer boot is to find a brand that has no logos or other embossing visible. The secondary consideration is boot tread patterns. There's some that have an aggressive tread pattern that's visible on the edges, and I was told would not likely pass muster. Look into the 'Durango' brand engineer boot if you can't find any of the others mentioned. You will need to remove the bridge strap and buckle, but they are plain, smooth surfaced (no pebbling) and virtually logo free. Soles are non-aggressive, and they run true to size. Found mine on ebay on sale for $75 shipped brand new. Best of luck in your search efforts.
  21. Hello from Knoxville!

    Welcome! Always good to see more people interested in joining from the Knoxville area.
  22. Hey!  Newbie here.  I'm hoping to get the days off this weekend, but if not, there's a possibility I can swing by to help for part of the day Saturday, and maybe Sunday depending on event hours.  Did you need helpers or another costume? Not sure if a TI would be in order, but if so, let me know. Its easiest to text/call me, but after 10am. I will check the forums as time permits, tho.  -TJ



  23. Hello all! My name is TJ, and I'm a Star Wars addict. I would like to blame my father for this affliction, as it was his idea to take us to the drive-in that warm, muggy, Florida evening back in 1977, where at a very impressionable 6 years of age I was exposed to the wonder and glory that is Star Wars, A New Hope! I've since forgiven him and have learned to manage my condition by feeding it with a steady dose of toys, action figures and rewatching many of the movies. While this condition is contagious, I do not pretend to concern myself with the risks of exposure to others. Admittedly, I just recently discovered the existence of the 501st, and it was by accident. Having just retired and relocated from FL to east TN, I was out exploring the area when I happened to see a pick up with fiberglass shell traveling through a Sam's Club parking lot. It had "501st LEGION" emblazoned in big white letters on the side windows. Knowing it was a Star Wars reference, I decided to look into it. I was quite surprised by what I had found! The more I looked into it, the more it felt like something for me. I've been in public service for most of my life and understand the benefits of charitable work. And to do so while dressed in Star Wars attire is just an awesome bonus! I'm a fan of the Empire, but of all the dark coolness my favorite character has always been the TIE Fighter Pilot from ANH! I'd love to portray one of the Imperial Navy Pilots, but definitely need some guidance in how/where to get what I need to do so. I'm excited by this opportunity and look forward to meeting and trooping with you in the future!
  24. Hello from Louisville, TN

    Thank you sir! Ready to get to it.