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  1. IS your TK build complete?  If not, I'd be glad to bring over supplies and beer to help get in done.

    1. RynoHawk


      It's not. I had planned to go over to Ed's on some Sunday's after Memorial Day when my schedule eases up a bit, but I would not turn down any help (or beer). ;)

  2. Nashville (Franklin) Candidate

    Thanks for the welcome @redbird96 and @Edwacoo! The build is coming along and I am actually taking a couple of vacation days from work to put in the last push for completion. I have even emailed Ed G. to let him know that I will have a rush approval coming up. At the moment, everything is cut, trimmed, and glued except for the backs of the thighs and shins. Simple enough tasks. Now the monumental task of strapping it all together. @redbird96, will you be at the Nissan event on the 28th? If so, I would (indeed) like to talk to you about the blaster. If I do not get approved in time to join the group, then I will still look for you to chat. BTW.. I'm a bit proud of this shin seam, so I want to show it off:
  3. Nashville (Franklin) Candidate

    BTW.. no time to build a blaster and no budget to buy one, so I am in the market for a second-hand one.
  4. Hello everyone, this is David from Franklin, TN. I am in process of building up a new-in-the-box Anovos kit I purchased from another area member. I am one of the original fans of Star Wars having poured over all the Starlog and Famous Monsters magazines that promoted the film ahead of the '77 release. Other than my family and my cycling (which I started riding in '81) nothing has remained with me for so long. The oldest object I bought with my own money is a DC Treasury Edition comic of the movie. As mentioned earlier, I am in the very early process of building my armor and am in a bit of a rush to complete before October 28th. My employer (Nissan) has become a advertising partner of Disney for Rogue One and they are planning a number of events to promote the new Star Wars Limited Edition Rogue (One) SUV. According to the Garrison site, one has been booked for the 28th. My goal is to complete armor and gain approval before then. It is a tall order, but I am hopeful none the less. I am known around the office as the Star Wars guy and it will mean a lot to me to be able to participate in this event as a trooper walking among my coworkers. I have only met a couple of the Garrison members (Chris M. and Marcus) and I am looking forward to meeting and working with many more. Chris and Marcus have been very helpful in getting me started and are a great reflection on the entire group. Lastly, I would like to submit a request to anyone in the Nashville area who would be willing to give me a hand in completing my build. It would be infinitely valuable to have someone around that has done this before. I will remember the gesture and will conveniently "remember to forget" my coin whenever I spot you at the pub.