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  1. Introduction

    Hi there, some of you reading this may already know me from the event I attended yesterday, but for those of you who don't, I am Brice Smith. My whole life I've been a nerd, interested in the cosmos and science fiction and so when I got older and learned about cosplaying I immediately fell in love, because I could finally become those characters who I'd grown up loving, but not only that I learned about the 501st and the amazing work they do. Just knowing that putting on a costume and pretending I am someone else can help to brighten a sick child's day even just a little brings a warm glow to my heart and that is my reason for wanting to join the 501st. I'm working on putting together a Kylo Ren, and I've got most of my soft pieces done, the only parts I'm lacking are proper boots and I also need to make modifications to my helmet which I've already begun doing.