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  1. Hello!

    Hi everyone! Here's a little about me! I recently moved to the Midwest and now that I have both 501st and RL approved costumes, I'm looking forward to getting more involved! Your real, full name - Kayla Kelley Any 501st, Rebel Legion or other costuming group affliation(s) - 501st (General Hux) / Rebel Legion (Ezra, Rey) Your location - St Louis, MO How you learned about us - Chelsey (a MidSouth Garrison member) recruited me XD Why you are requesting access to the MidSouth Garrison discussion board - Louisville and the surrounding area isn't too far from me, especially for a weekend trip, and after trooping the Louisville Zoo in October, I'd love to do more troops with the MidSouth Garrison so I'm requesting access to the boards to be able to sign up for events