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  1. Working toward TK # from Mt. Juliet

    Awesome.good amount of people around ya. Ed there is the TK master lol we can definetly get that bad boy up and running in a weekend lol
  2. Hello!

  3. New from Clarksville

  4. Greetings From Nashville!

    Welcome!!! My grandma loves out in Donelson and I pretty much grew up there lol live over in hendersonville right now lol
  5. Hello to my long lost kin folk

    Welcome to the crazy!!!!
  6. Yeah, I'm back.

    Hey I know that guy
  7. hello from Nashville

    Welcome to the crazy lol
  8. Hello from Gallatin, TN

    Awesome I'm in hendersonville myself! Welcome to the crazy lol
  9. Hello from Nashville!

  10. Hello from Nashville area

    WELCOME. im in hendersonville myself so like everyone has said lots of folk in the middle TN area .
  11. Hello There.

  12. Greetings

    welcome!!!!!!!! always good to have more clones around here!!!! working on an Airborne trooper as i speek
  13. Hello All

    yeah like get your friend to do everything first then learn what not to do...... LOL
  14. Introducing: Kaity Clements!

    welcome indeed!!
  15. Hello All

    for sure show up and hang out. more then welcome to borrow a suit and try it out and see how it feels. im pretty sure you would have to be approved in the armor to be able to wear it to certain events but im sure there could be some you could... for greater powers then me to say lol