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  1. TK-57130 is on deck!

    Meep! Welcome Tye Congrats on the approval!
  2. Hello from Pound, VA!

    I have very brief memories of a road sign with Pound on it! In the days before Google on one's phone was ubiquitous, I got a bit turned around on a roadtrip to Blacksburg and passed by. It was a beautiful area, though I was not necessarily in the mood to appreciate that at the time LOL. Welcome!
  3. So happy to be talking with the 501st

    Looking forward to seeing you stand amidst your achievements! Welcome!
  4. Hello from Knoxville!

    Hi Amber! Welcome
  5. Hello from Louisville!

    Woot woot! Welcome, Hanna! I am ALWAYS looking for more Derby Pie recipes if you're willing to share
  6. Hi Robbie (/brocephalopod? Per the person driving the vehicle as I post this)! Could I get access? DZ 18557! Please & Thank you, sir!
  7. Hello! My name is Diana Merritt (my family calls me Yodi, as in "Yo, Di, pay attention", hence the forum name) and I'm from Louisville, KY (more or less). I've been a costumed storyteller for a number of years with the Zoo, and started doing charity events dressed as various princesses/superheroines, which meant I ran in several of the same circles as the local 501st, and they have been rather fantastic people doing rather fantastic things in the name of a fandom I'm rather fond of, so I have been hoping to get more involved. My costuming abilities are pretty much limited to providing financial support for/bartering/hot glue and/or torching, so my far-more-talented-at-this-than-I boyfriend, who is part of the legion and local squad, has been helping me with a Jawa! And by helping, I really do mean doing about 99% of the actual work because I'm an unmitigated disaster with sewing machines. I did weather the bandolier last night. I may have had more fun doing so than strictly necessary. Hope to get involved soon! Cheers -Di