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  1. Hello from West Virginia!

    Welcome! im still trying to get a kit and live in TN but i grew up in Beckley WV, nice to see a fellow mountaineer!
  2. New from Knoxville

    BTW as it turns out I may be going for a sandtrooper, I know I saw a few at the zoo before and anyone here that has done one before and wouldnt mind guiding me it would be very appericiated. I am on the MEPD forums as well to help but I would love to take the chance to seek help from the local garrison (good way to meet people here as well I bet) when it comes time to start building.
  3. New from Knoxville

    So far I've been thinking about saving money for the Anvos kit, it saves a bit of money from not being completed but it gets me all the parts and bits I need for a TK suit.
  4. New from Knoxville

    I am William Stamper, I am completely new to this garrison and the 501st in general. I had been recently inspired to look on here after a chance encounter at the Knoxville zoo where one of the "troopers" guided me to this forum. A little background on me, I've always loved star wars but my love for things like the 501st and the military might of the empire came after I joined the army. I grew an odd bit of admiration to the would be stormtroopers because I started seeing myself and the Army I serve in them. For years I had a huge interest but knew I never had the money and time to invest in the dream (college a job and the army all at once takes its toll), but after a recent encounter with your group at the zoo I decided to get on here and at least put the foot in the door, especially after I saw just how good you guys are with people. I have been to my fair share of cons both as a fan and as a photographer and have never seen a group as good with kids and the general public when it comes to interactions and pictures. I myself was almost awestruck when I walked up to a trooper for a picture and without hesitation gave me his blaster to hold for the picture (by the way whoever you are you made my f*%$ing day that day). I've been around the cosplay community a good while and never have I seen someone give their prop to a stranger let alone on occasion kids, that showed me how far beyond the standard you guys go to make peoples and kids day and inspired me to go on here not just so I can one day put on a cool as hell suit but to also make someones day as you guys do for others. So with all that said, I hope to suit up with you all in the near future!