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  1. Hello from Louisville!

    Hey, um...I don't think I ever got access to the forums? All I'm seeing on my home screen is new members, introductions, and help desk. You all do post about events and stuff, right?
  2. Hello from Louisville!

    Saw a couple there, yeah, thanks! Do you know if y'all will be needing any help at the event this weekend? I never got a response on facebook.
  3. Hello from Louisville!

    So, uh...I kinda disappeared for a couple of months, sorry about that. Still don't have a costume, but I'm really interested in helping out as a handler while I save up. But I'm kind of confused as to where I find out about events? I looked on the Facebook page and it said the next event was in Delaware...
  4. Hello from Louisville!

    Thanks! It doesn't look like it would fit me (I'm a little more short and stout), but I really appreciate that!
  5. Hanna from Louisville here! I'm interested in helping out as a handler (and eventually getting a costume, hopefully?? I just gotta save up.) I'm brand new to this, but I got pulled in by a friend who's joining her local garrison in D.C. and tells me how much she loves it and how many cool people she's met. I'm small, ginger, bake a mean Derby Pie, and love me some clone troopers.