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  1. 501st Member? Missing forum access? Post here!

    TKID is up-to-date and posted in the Welcome Forum. Looking for full forum access and to be able to see the Upcoming Events calendar. Thank you!
  2. As a brand new member, I wanted to send a quick hello to everyone here. I'm Charlie Collins and live in Nashville. Like everyone here, I've been a fan for a long time and having been to every Celebration since III, I've always had a certain reverence for the 501st. I was lucky enough to end up the main hotel for Legion activity for SWCA in 2015, and I became fast friends with a number of folks in the MSG. I was quickly working on two separate kits with someone I now consider a good friend. I was able to get approved and troop with him last week at SWCO! I'm beyond proud to be here, and I'm looking very forward to getting involved in all the great work that this team does. Happy to answer any questions, and I'm excited to meet some of you very soon.