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  1. Returned to the Area

    Awesome, thanks for the heads up! It’s definitely something i’ll look into down the line
  2. Returned to the Area

    Hey there! I’m Amber, and I recently moved back to the Johnson City/Kingsport area! I’ve introduced myself on this forum before, but that was a few years ago and nothing came of those early plans to join up. I’m currently in the process of sourcing an Imperial Staff Officer (Black) uniform, since my sewing skills are skills pretty mediocre. I’m also working on a Jawa just as a personal side project to start learning and hopefully move into making my own uniforms in the future! As far as my Staff Officer is concerned, I have my belt, code cylinders, and rank bar. My tunic/jodhpurs are with the tailor, and a hat is on the way. Just have to get the boot situation sorted! I look forward to meeting everyone again and hopefully being more active in the community this time around!
  3. Hello from Knoxville!

    Nice to meet you all!
  4. Hello from Knoxville!

    Hello everyone! My name is Amber Estus, and I'm checking in from Knoxville, Tennessee. Despite growing up around family who adored Star Wars, I actually didn't take an interest in it until just a few years ago and didn't learn about the 501st until I saw their booth at a convention I attended last summer! Since then, however, I've been captivated by the community. I'm looking forward to getting involved with troops and meeting other Star Wars fans! I'm not yet a member of the 501st, but I'm hoping to start my first build now that I've graduated college and actually have some free time on my hands.