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    Looking to join the 501st, Looking at vader costumes now and looking for the expertise of the 501st to assist me
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  1. Vader wannabe

    Hello from Northeast TN everyone, I am looking to join to start assembling or purchasing a Darth Vader outfit to go "trooping" along with other 501st MidSouth members. How active is MidSouth in their outings or get togethers? At first glance, i was really impressed by the new Anovos Vader, but after reading several articles realize it is not the most screen accurate, albeit for roughly twice the amount of the Rubies costume. I have found some items that are "501st approved" but unsure how genuine these approvals are. Looking for all direction the group can provide. I do not mind making upgrades along the way to any costume, but i am not the craftiest person by no means.