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  1. I tend to work slowly at making things so I'm giving myself at least a year to build a kit. I started working on E-11 Blaster about 2 months ago and hope to have it complete by end of summer. I learned about 501st a few years ago at Lexington Comic & Toy Con and decided to fully invest in a kit. I hope to be able to utilize the forum to make sure I get things close to right as possible the first time. Paul Thomas E-Town, Ky
  2. Hello from E-Town, KY

    Thanks all... I'v been working steadily on the blaster now and getting closer to being able to fully assemble it. Currently working on the Hengster counter and need to paint grip section.
  3. Hello from E-Town, KY

    I was just in Owensboro for OMG Con.