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  1. Thank you very much, sir!
  2. Same here! I go back and forth to KY frequently and I have requested access a while ago, but have not heard anything yet.
  3. Requesting access: TK 28222 Even though I'm in FL, I am going to be traveling frequently back and forth to KY due to family matters.
  4. Hello from Cov.

    Thought I'd update this as well, as seeing I've missed a few things in the process haha. I currently live with my grandmother to help take care of her while she's ill. I've updated my location and I have heard about the 501st a while ago. I ordered my armor and started building it. Star Wars were the movies I used to watch all the time with my grandfather, along with Blues Brothers. After his passing I decided to make it official and make my armor in his memory. It tears me up now thinking about it, but I'm close to actually completing that desire. He used to dress up all the time as different characters from the movies, even if they weren't the best costumes, they made me smile. I have seen how many times the 501st have brought smiles to others and I would like to be part of that was well. The smiles make it all worth it!
  5. I do have to apologize, but I've already completed my TK, but never have gotten around to going through with the submission photos. Hello, though!