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  1. Link targets

    Every time that I click on a link in someone's post, I leave the forum and go to the linked site. Is there anyway to make the default target for a link to open in a new tab or new window?
  2. I don't understand this forum

    There are multiple options for "View New Content". You have likely selected the one that only displays topics with unviewed posts. You might want to select "with new since last visit" or one of the options that goes back a set number of days. The option is on the lest side of the screen.
  3. is representing MidSouth Garrison at Anaheim Comic Con

  4. Hello from Louisiana native

    Welcome, Rodney. LSU football is playing at Vanderbilt on 9/11/2010. I still need to check on their costume policy. I have a Kal Skirata costume which is also Vanderbilt colors. If we couldn't go to the game in costume, we could at least troop Vandyville before the game.
  5. CC 5288 Bacara at your service!

    It's the sickness. It seems to afflict just about everyone who joins. Jonathan, you making another Bly with that? Or a Cody? Or just a plain old trooper?
  6. Howdy!

    Welcome to Corellian Base. I saw the username and was hoping it wasn't some interloper using your screen name. I can certainly help you out hockey-wise. This will be my 6th season as a season ticket-holder for the Predators, although I have just a partial plan. Zachmire shares some full season tickets with others. Your Bolts will be visiting Nashville just after your move on December 15th. I also know a couple of women who play hockey, so I'm sure I can help you get hooked up with a league. Last year, we had a big event at a Predators game on Sci-Fi Night. Not sure if that will be repeating this year. I look forward to seeing you up here.