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  1. Hello, my name is Tina Marsh Tkid is DZ29511 501st midsouth garrison approved december 3rd. Im still getting use to everything so i apologize in advance if im missing anything. I look forward to proudly serving the 501! I am requesting full access.
  2. Greeting from Memphis!

    Thank you guys! Everyone has been incredibly welcoming...i look forwars to trooping with everyone soon!
  3. 501st Member? Missing forum access? Post here!

    Hello im Tina marsh ...my tkid is DZ29511 midosuth garrison 501st approved as of December 3rd. I am looking to get full access. Thank you!
  4. Greetings from ATL!

    I am 31 years old and born and raised in Memphis.I along with my sister who is a 501 member were raised on star wars. My mother raised us to help others and be a part of something bigger than yourself.Some of the best memories i have are sitting around with my mom and sister watching all the star wars movies repeating lines to each other. I am truly humbled and honored to become a part of this star wars family. I cant wait to officially join and start trooping. To be a part of something like this will be a dream come true.