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    Prospective MSG member, current UM of Mando Mercs, looking to join the 501st.
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  1. Greetings from West Tennessee

    I will do that! We are pretty much equidistant between Nashville and Memphis!
  2. Hello! My name is Eric Forsythe. I am from Jackson, TN. Currently, I am an UM with the Mando Mercs. I have been working on a custom mando for the past couple of years. It has been a great experience and a lot of fun. Recently, I have done a couple of troops with some of the 501st out of Memphis. They welcomed me in and made feel like part of their family. I would like to give shout outs to some of the guys in Memphis - Jason, Chase, Jonathan, Stephanie, Alex, Jeff, Andy, Tammy, Kristin, Matt, and Reggie. (I hope I did not forget anyone I have met so far.) I look forward to getting to know them better in the near future. I have always loved Star Wars and have enjoyed the last couple of years being able to work on my current costume. After trooping with the group from Memphis, I have also become interested in joining the 501st. My favorite character as a kid was the Biker Scout, so hopefully after the first of the year, I will start working on a Biker Scout kit.