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    On Starkiller base, I was blasted in the bucket during a speeder chase with two Resistance spies, and knocked off the speeder. When I awoke, I started for the nearest outpost through a forest. In the forest, I found Kylo Ren gravely wounded. I turned on my tracker, carrying Ren to a place where Hux could safely pick us up. Onboard the Finalizer, I was promoted to squad leader.
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  1. Tennessee 501st hopeful

    Welcome! @sl100 is the local Sith Lord here, I’m sure he’d enjoy the company
  2. Finally Made It!

    Great to have you, good luck!
  3. Hello all,

    Welcome to the forums! What costume are you thinking of pursuing?
  4. Introduction post.

    Welcome! Glad to see another snowy getting on here!
  5. Hello!

    Totally! They let me come out to events and I’m not approved yet either! Feel free to hang out and ask around about armor etc, everyone here has been through it too, so if they can help you they will!
  6. Hello!

    Great to meet you! That will be such a cool build, good luck!
  7. Visiting Nashville 5/3/18 - 5/8/18

    Welcome to the forums! You’ll find there are plenty of events going on those days!
  8. Hello

    Anovos seems pretty popular for armor, also Walt’s trooper factory is really awesome with armor! If you are looking for tips or to purchase a kit, they should be pretty helpful! @Lord_Kosh (sorry I’m referencing you so much) knows a lot more than me when it comes to soft parts, so he might know where you can buy from!
  9. Hello

    Welcome to the forums! We have a lot of great Ties here, feel free to ask questions!
  10. Hello all!

    Don’t worry, if someone with my line of sight can, you can too! Welcome to the forums!
  11. Halloo :)

    Greetings IN-39393! Enjoy the MSG forums!
  12. Hello

    Greetings TX-12233! Glad to have you on the MSG page, love your shadow scout!
  13. Howdy from Nashville!

    Glad to be of help! Please keep me updated with the progress of your IG! You’ll be the first one I know of following that build, and I’m super interested to see your journey!
  14. Howdy from Nashville!

    I think you post an access request here: Once you have access you will be able to view and comment on topics, and even post your own!
  15. I am official.

    Congrats, that’s awesome!