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  1. Hello From East TN

    Welcome to the forums! We have some great pilots here so don’t be afraid to ask questions (everyone is super nice)!
  2. Hello! I have been trying to post porg pictures for the past few days and they keep saying that I am over 460 kB, however when it was under 460 it said something went wrong with the upload. I have been editing them in photoshop to get the size right and then uploading them from my photo library. Not sure what is going on. Thanks for your help!
  3. I’m afraid I don’t have a Facebook account yet but I would be more than happy to help with your build here on the forum! I am a little new at this too, but if you have any questions I could probably help out or at least point you to someone who can!
  4. Welcome and good luck on the build!
  5. Greetings from Middle TN!

    You’re finally here, welcome! Like everyone else, it was great trooping with you the other night! Congrats on approval!
  6. Introduction from Walton Ky

    Welcome to the forums! Good luck on the construction!
  7. Greetings from Alaska!

    I’m debating moving to Alaska just because of the awesome garrison logo... Welcome to the MSG forums! Check out Watto’s patch trading emporium, you’ll find everyone is super friendly!
  8. That’s awesome! Good luck on the build and post pics if you get his signature!
  9. It’s Official

    Congratulations ID-52817! Matching the face must have been pretty hard, so good job!
  10. New guys from Bristol Tn

    Welcome to the forums! Best of luck on your build!
  11. Haha like the pun on your name! Welcome to the forums SL-92196!
  12. Interested in joining the Mid-South Garrison

    Welcome! Good luck on your approval! What kit are you assembling?
  13. VA Visitor - headed to Lexington, KY in March!

    Welcome to the forums ID-45555! Have fun at the con!
  14. Hello from North Mississippi!

    Welcome to the MSG Forums, ID-71098! @Lord_Kosh can help you if you have any officer questions, especially rank bars, he’s like a pro
  15. Hello From Ft.Campbell kt

    Long live the Empire, and welcome TK-19997! Hope to troop with you in the near future!

    Is website down as well says error when I try to reach it... http://midsouthgarrison.com
  17. Hello from Virginia!

    Welcome to the forum ID-12204! I'm music city squad, but hopefully we'll be able to troop together sometime!
  18. Hello from Franklin, TN!

    Hi, I'm Logan Sava! I'm 14 years old and a Howler in the Galactic Academy (CTS3308)! At the Wizard World convention in Nashville my family and I were lucky enough to meet the CO of the Midsouth Garrison, CC5707, Edwin Gay! He let me troop with the 501st (can't thank him enough) and visit a kid with leukemia. I am requesting access because I love what you guys do and want to be able to troop at more events in the future! (About the picture; Left: ST46700, Right: Me, CTS3308!)
  19. Hello From Erlanger, KY

    Welcome to the forums, IC-31770!!
  20. Columbia person here!

    Welcome! Glad to see you were approved! Best of luck on the build, and if you have questions I know @CC5707 has a TI (he is super nice don't hesitate to ask!), and you probably have the detachment link but here it is again just in case! http://databank.501st.com/databank/JRS_CRL Can't wait to troop with you!
  21. Hello from Franklin, TN!

    Thank you! I was deeply impressed by your pilot as well, and totally look forward to trooping with you!
  22. New from Knoxville

    It's expensive but the look on the children's (and under the bucket, your) face is so worth it! You can either start easy like ID-46685 said or jump in with a full armor suit, just depends on what you want to do! Best of luck on the build, hope to troop with you sometime!
  23. Hello from Franklin, TN!

    Awesome! Hope to troop with you TI-81106!!
  24. Hello from Franklin, TN!

    Thank you for the warm welcome TK62088! Best of luck on the build!