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  1. Hello! I have been trying to post porg pictures for the past few days and they keep saying that I am over 460 kB, however when it was under 460 it said something went wrong with the upload. I have been editing them in photoshop to get the size right and then uploading them from my photo library. Not sure what is going on. Thanks for your help!

  2. 12 hours ago, Scott said:

    Would you both please friend me on facebook?  just look up Scott Sweeney and my picture is a stormtrooper with his hand hitting his forehead?  Thanks!


    I’m afraid I don’t have a Facebook account yet but I would be more than happy to help with your build here on the forum! I am a little new at this too, but if you have any questions I could probably help out or at least point you to someone who can!